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Writers Block

I haven't written anything on this site for so long as I've been busy at work and had a big writers block. Now this is not because I have been trying to write and nothing came (the blank page and blank mind concept), it's more about not wanting to sit and write and preferring to sit and watch the TV/do my cross stitch (my new hobby - it's fab!!) I have several ideas but the issue with me is actually doing the nitty gritty of writing the dialogue/text. I really want to do more with my serial killers research and I have made loads of notes but have not put it in any coherent form. I keep thinking that I have plenty of time, and I have. But that may be where the problem lies. A few years ago I was very busy being a mum, wife, PhD student and full time worker along with trying to keep up with my hobbies (theatre etc) and friends. However, I did do everything I needed to do without procrastinating. Someone said to me that she liked asking me a favour as it's always best to ask a busy person as they will do it or they will let you know straight away if they can't. This is what I did, I would compartmentalize different things and have a mental and, at times, physical schedule to fit all my jobs in. However, when I look back at that time, where my writing production was more than it is now, I do feel that I was not as happy. I feel much more relaxed and chilled out. At the moment I have a basket of clean washing in the kitchen that needs folding and putting away. It's been there for four days. It will probably be there until I need something from it. But, I'm happier than I have ever been. I think this is why so many genius' have mental health problems. What comes first; the genius or the mental issues? Does being a genius give the brain a pummeling or the not quite ordinary brain deliver fantastic work? I suppose if I could answer that, I would be a famous psychologist. I did produce a lot of work whilst being depressed and unhappy. Whether the writing was any good is a moot point. Obviously not my PhD work as I didn't finish the degree. I'm glad I'm happy, even if that means my writing may suffer. I will get round to writing and I aim to make it good but I also aim to enjoy every day as life is too short to be unhappy.

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