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New Blog - New User; First Post

So this is blogging. I have never done this apart from Facebook and, occasionally, I will comment on Twitter. My thoughts are; what to blog? Who would be interested in my ramblings? Well I shall surely find out as I have initiated Google analytics. I have just published my website on my writing; both creative and academic. My tagline is 'writing to entertain and inform'. I'm hoping that is what it will do, along with a bit of pin money from my scripts. My specialism is crime and mental health/illness. I am a holder of a Psychology degree along with a Criminology masters degree. This has helped me to write my scripts as most of them are character based. I am hoping to find something to blog about as many days as I can but not promising anything #newtothis #SavoryScriptsandScribes


Savory Scripts and Scribes

Writing to entertain and inform
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