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Pantomime Scripts:

Dick Whittington pantomime, Allison Savory
Peter Pan Pantomime, Allison Savory

Dick Whittington:

10 main characters, and as many chorus of villagers and rats as you want.

The pantomime is based loosely on the traditional story, however, this Dick, his mother and friend; Milo, meet up with Angelica and her dad, from an East End pub. There they find a treasure map but are overheard by King Rat and his rats. This sets them off to far off Islands and adventure with King Rat and his Cronies following them, intent on foiling their plans and taking the treasure.

Peter’s New Adventure:

16 main characters, and as many chorus of pirates and lost boys as you want.

Peter is already known to the Darling family and this is a sequel to the main JM Barrie story. In this tale, Tinkerbell has been kidnapped by the nasty Captain Hook and his pirates. Without Tinkerbell Peter cannot fly. He comes and asks the Darling children to help him free his fairy friend. They do so, much to their mother’s annoyance. Mrs Darling (who is the Dame of the show) and Nana, the dog, sets out to save the children. Along the way they have plenty of adventures with the pirates and lost boys. This is a good pantomime for young people as there are many opportunities for them to perform as the lost boys.

This is a sequel therefore does not come under J.M. Barries copyright as “Prequels, sequels, spin-offs or any other derivative works based on Peter Pan and other characters from the story do not require a licence as it's out of copyright” []


Snow White and her little big men pantomime, Allison Savory

Snow White and her Little Big Men

16 main character, and as many chorus of villagers and little animals as you want.

The story has the usual characters associated with Snow White; the lovely principal girl, a prince, a wicked witch, a talking mirror and seven dwarves. However, there is a secret that unfolds within the script that adds to the suspense of the plot. Other not so familiar characters help the story to a happy ending. This is not the traditional story of Snow White but is a good spin on it. There is a good opportunity to get young people involved as little animals and chorus.

The Frog Prince pantomime, Allison Savory

The Frog Prince

16 main characters and as many chorus of courtiers, male suitors and wood sprites as you want.

On Princess Monica’s 18th Birthday arrangements are made to find a suitable husband for her to rule over ‘Haltonland’ with her. She meets her love, a Prince, who is unlucky enough to also meet up with the nasty Baron and Spiteful Fairy. The Prince gets turned into a frog by the Fairy and can only change back if the princess falls in love with him as a frog and kisses him. The Frog Prince enlist the help of Edith, the castle cook, Ada, the castle cleaner, Punchy, the kitchen boy and the Prince’s faithful valet, Cedric. Between them they have a few adventures to get the spell taken off the Prince and for him and the Princess to live happily ever after.

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