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How to Construct a Website ... ask your 22 year old daughter to do it!

Being a 54 year old menopausal academic and theatre script writer are not qualities to make me a good website designer, according to my newly qualified 22 year old graphic designer daughter. I was waiting for her to design it for me, but, as I'm impatient I did it myself and asked her to look at it when she had the time. I decided to publish it while I was waiting for her, to get a few opinions from my like minded friends and colleagues. All went well. A few comments of criticism, but not such a bad reception. However, that was before my daughter looked at it! Apparently Microsoft WordArt is SO year 2000. Just, NO, to Clipart Mother. Why is there not a homepage? OMG this is awful Mother, etcetera. Apparently my effort looked like a 5 year old had designed it. She went through it like a dose of salts and ripped most of the design up, albeit left most of the text, even though she said there was too much writing (my 'Duh it's a website about writing' comment didn't go down well). The end result is not too bad, I have to grudgingly (but smugly and proudly) say. I do so wish I didn't feel such a dud on these things. Ah well, onwards and upwards. She's done a fab job so here's a shout out to and no doubt she will let me know if I do anything that is SO year 2000.

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